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Within Insurance (Band 2) :

"This boutique firm specialises in insurance matters relating to the construction industry and is widely regarded as a key player in the field. The group offers expertise in a wide variety of contentious and non-contentious matters, in addition to drafting contracts and other documentation relating to construction projects. The firm traditionally represents insurance companies but continues to broaden its client base, attracting both property developers and building contractors. Sources state that the firm offers "good value for money, high-quality work and expert advice." Practice founder Jean-Pierre Karila is a renowned authority in the industry. He is esteemed for his vast experience and has published many books and articles on construction law throughout his long career. Laurent Karila is described as "a fantastic lawyer." His practice focuses on product liability and industrial risk."

"THE FIRM - This local boutique is a market leader in construction insurance matters. Clients include insurance companies such as Allianz and Hiscox, real estate developers like Crédit Agricole Immobilier and BNP Paribas Real Estate, and construction companies such as Léon Grosse and Nexity.
Sources say : "Its strengths are its savoir-faire, recognized expertise, involvement and professionalism."

KEY INDIVIDUALS - Construction insurance guru Jean-Pierre Karila "is a popular choice in the sector" according to peers.

Laurent Karila also specializes in construction insurance and clients applaud "his real understanding of risks as well as his close working relationship with clients."

Jean-Pierre Karila is classified as "Senior stateman" in this category.

Within Real Estate :

"At Karila, well known construction law expert Jean-Pierre Karila has special expertise in insurance-related construction matters."