Graphic monitoring

Jurisdic research
To refine your search, you may:
  • Add a + between two keywords in order to find search results which contain the two words.
    Example: act + fraudulent.  All articles which contain these two words.
  • Add a before the second keyword in order to exclude search results which contain that term.
    Example: act - fraudulent.  All articles which contain the word “act” but do not contain the word “fraudulent”.
  • Place your keywords in quotes () in order to search for an exact expression. 
  • Example: "fraudulent act”. All articles which contain this expression.


As part of its litigation activity, Karila confidentially shares with its clients three primary monitoring tools for each of the case files entrusted to the firm.  These tools are constantly updated over the course of the progression of the legal evaluation and/or ongoing legal proceedings and/or meetings with its clients and technical consultants.

They include:

  • Diagrams of contractual relations concluded by the parties,
  • Recap charts of essential elements of the case,
  • Time lines of the pricipal events of the litigation, with the condition that this tool is reserved for particularly complex situations which necessitate visual clarification.
"A picture is worth a thousand words."