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To refine your search, you may:
  • Add a + between two keywords in order to find search results which contain the two words.
    Example: act + fraudulent.  All articles which contain these two words.
  • Add a before the second keyword in order to exclude search results which contain that term.
    Example: act - fraudulent.  All articles which contain the word “act” but do not contain the word “fraudulent”.
  • Place your keywords in quotes () in order to search for an exact expression. 
  • Example: "fraudulent act”. All articles which contain this expression.


Les avocats dédiés :

Jean-Pierre Karila
Laurent Karila
Carole Frostin
Laure Furgé-Cescutti
Nathalie Cormier
Frédéric Thromas
Cécile Ellrodt
Amélie Boura
Sonia Halimi-d'Alessio
Sharzad Doraghi-Karila
Catherine Bonneau
Camille Mazeaud
Laurie Follot
Bruno Demont
Anja Starcevic
Oriane Fievet
Cyrielle Barbier
Justine Ferrier

Landholding trust

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