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Les avocats dédiés :

Jean-Pierre Karila
Laurent Karila
Carole Frostin
Laure Furgé-Cescutti
Nathalie Cormier
Frédéric Thromas
Cécile Ellrodt
Amélie Boura
Sonia Halimi-d'Alessio
Sharzad Doraghi-Karila
Catherine Bonneau
Camille Mazeaud
Laurie Follot
Bruno Demont
Anja Starcevic
Oriane Fievet
Cyrielle Barbier
Justine Ferrier

Construction Insurance

Our expertise in Construction Insurance is sustained by strong practical experience and permanent scientific research on all questions concerning:

  • Compulsory Insurance (Property and Casualty Insurance, Ten-year Civil Liability, and other policies containing compulsory insurance);
  • Optional Insurance (All Risk Construction Insurance Before Opening, Collapse Insurance…);
  • But also, and most importantly, common law of insurance (biennial statute of limitation, claim reports, overlapping insurance, franchises, ceilings…).

We assist our clients in the subscription to policies (notably damage Property and Casualty, All Risks Construction Insurance, Civil Liability Insurance for Property Developers…) and the implementation of all guarantees provided by the policies insuring risks inherent to construction.