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Les avocats dédiés :

Jean-Pierre Karila
Laurent Karila
Carole Frostin
Laure Furgé-Cescutti
Nathalie Cormier
Frédéric Thromas
Cécile Ellrodt
Amélie Boura
Sonia Halimi-d'Alessio
Sharzad Doraghi-Karila
Catherine Bonneau
Camille Mazeaud
Laurie Follot
Bruno Demont
Anja Starcevic
Oriane Fievet
Cyrielle Barbier
Justine Ferrier

Debt Collection

We provide property managers with dispute assistance regarding the recovery of their non-paid accommodation charges.

Our assistance includes specific advice during the pre-contentious and/or contentious phase of the dispute.

We finally assist our clients

during the unforcement of court decisions held in their favor.

We also assist them throughout all other various disputes :

  • in relation to the previous manager,
  • in relation to its different service providers,
  • etc.