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Les avocats dédiés :

Jean-Pierre Karila
Laurent Karila
Carole Frostin
Laure Furgé-Cescutti
Nathalie Cormier
Frédéric Thromas
Cécile Ellrodt
Amélie Boura
Sonia Halimi-d'Alessio
Sharzad Doraghi-Karila
Catherine Bonneau
Camille Mazeaud
Laurie Follot
Bruno Demont
Anja Starcevic
Oriane Fievet
Cyrielle Barbier
Justine Ferrier

Urban planning

Audit/Assistance with the preparation of commercial equipment authorization request and assistance/representation in the case of an administrative appeal before the National Commission of Commercial Equipment should the Regional Commission of Commercial Equipment refuse to authorize the use of commercial equipment and/or litigation in the case of third-party claims or against an authorization of commercial equipment granted to a competitor.

Litigation seeking indeminification linked to reglementary decisions and/or individuals in the field of urban planning.

Civil and criminal urban planning litigation.