Nature of trades

Jurisdic research
To refine your search, you may:
  • Add a + between two keywords in order to find search results which contain the two words.
    Example: act + fraudulent.  All articles which contain these two words.
  • Add a before the second keyword in order to exclude search results which contain that term.
    Example: act - fraudulent.  All articles which contain the word “act” but do not contain the word “fraudulent”.
  • Place your keywords in quotes () in order to search for an exact expression. 
  • Example: "fraudulent act”. All articles which contain this expression.

Network of Experts

Every now and then, strength depends on the number of minds dedicated to the task.  It is for this reason that Karila has build its own network of independent experts in order to assist its clients with technical or accounting issues.

This network of experts with different specializations (flooring, concrete, environmental engineering, electricity, etc.) further endows Karila’s lawyers with a greater understanding of technical questions addressed by their cases.

"When the 130 kilo guys say certain things, the 60 kilo guys listen."
Michel Audiard, Dialogue from the French film 100.000 dollars au soleil