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The purpose of the present general conditions of use is to define the terms and conditions under which Karila makes the site www.karila.fr available to the User and the manner in which the User accesses and utilizes the site.

These general conditions of use govern all relations between Karila and the Users of the site.

Acceptance of Terms of Use

Any person having access to the site www.karila.fr must, prior to each consulation of information on the site, take note of the present general conditions of use.

SImply using the present site constitutes acceptance by the User of the terms of the present general conditions of use.

Intellectual Property 

The trademarks of the website operator as well as the logos included on the site, are trademarks, whether semi-figurative or not, which have been registered.

Any full or partial reproduction of these trademarks or logos (whether trademarked or registered otherwise) on the basis of teh elements of the website without the specific permission of the publisher is forbidden, in accordance with Article L.713-2 of the French Code of Intellectual Property.

The website and all of the elements that comprise it (such as text, information, analysis, images, graphics...) are governed by French and international copyright and intellectual property legislation.

All rights of reproduction are reserved, including iconographic and photographic representations.  The reproduction in full or in part of this website on any other medium is prohibited without the express permission of Karila Law Firm, subject to legal penalities.

In order to obtain such permission, you may contact us at the following email address: contact@karila.fr.

Reproduction of text from this site on paper is allowed, subject to the following three conditions:

  • distribution must be free of charge;
  • documents must be reproduced in their entirety (no modification or alteration);
  • the following copyright statement must appear on all reproduced documents: "This document is from the Karila Law Firm Website (www.karila.fr).  All rights to reproduction are reserved and strictly limited."

For any other use, please contact us at: contact@karila.fr

Hypertext links 

The users and visitors of the website may not set up a hyperlink in the director of this site without the express prior authorization of the website operator.


The website www.karila.fr is a site containing information about the Karila Law Firm.

The information provided on this site is for reference only and in no way represents an offer of services.

Karila cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness or up-to-date nature of the information contained on the site.  Karila takes all possible measures to provide users with information that is available and correct, but cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions, or the possible unavailability of information or services.

Consequently, the user of this website agrees to use this Site at his or her own risk and under his or her sole responsibility, and waives the right to institute proceedings against Karila Law Firm.


The present general conditions of use are subject to French law, regardless of where the use takes place.

In case of a dispute arising out of use of this website, and after attempts have been made to seek an out-of-court settlement, express jurisdictional authority is assigned to the competent Paris court.